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Presentations always present an important opportunity to relay and communicate the output of your work and research to those who really matter, either your peers, sponsors, supervisors or even a class you are teaching. A well-tailored PowerPoint presentation will definitely draw the attention of your audience and keep it locked for the entire session. You can use beautiful illustrations, powerful graphics and innovative slide transitions to make sure you keep your audience not only engaged but also interested in what you are talking about.

Dissertation and thesis students will often have to use presentations at several points when presenting their work to their colleagues or supervisors. These are often opportunities to articulate your work to your tough professors who are always looking for loopholes in your study. Unfortunately, learning how to create powerful slides is not a skill that you will learn in just a day or two. If you want the most creative and innovative presentation, added with great audio-visual tools, sleek slide transitions and background settings relevant to your discipline or industry, our PowerPoint presentation service knows exactly how to make your work look good. We go beyond unimaginative and dull presentations that would rock any adult to sleep. We make use of relevant and catchy themes and set up slides creatively to make a maximum impact on your audience. Our team has mastery of all PowerPoint tools, which means you should spend less energy trying to learn the software and more time preparing yourself for the oratory part of the presentation and making yourself look good.

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The key to a successful presentation is to keep your audience locked right from the minute you click the play button on your slides. You should use both oratory and visual skills to keep your audience engaged since you don’t expect to be silent as your slides roll in the background. You may have the material that you want to compress into just a couple of slides, but you don’t know how exactly to summarise it appropriately. Our PowerPoint presentation writers have experience in creating slides, and they know how to draw attention to the most crucial parts of your work.

If you are doing a presentation with lots of statistical data presentation, you will need our help to clearly articulate and explain your data analysis, with rich visual tools such as graphs and charts. We make effective use of Slide Master to enhance consistency with your custom design template, and we make use of appropriate fonts and colours, plus themes that will be impactful for your presentation and your audience. While we make use of visual aids and other features such as sounds and transitions, these will be only used at the beginning of the presentation. We minimise the use of these as the presentation moves along because they end up getting distractive at some point and they may cluster your presentation, turning it into a disaster very fast.

We always find it useful to try and understand the type of audience you are going to be presenting to before we start creating the presentation. You may be presenting to a bunch of old school professors or a room full of young, futuristic techies. Your audience will determine what kind of custom templates we employ. Speaking of templates, we never use inbuilt templates from PPT itself. These will obviously show a lack of creativity. Our team has designed its own custom templates for different types of scenarios such as tech, medical or business presentations. We have an entire creative team whose job is to custom make brilliant graphics. We give you a complete experience in a custom PowerPoint presentation, and we avoid the use of too much text in presentations. Text can prove distractive too, and it may end up looking clustered and unimaginative. Instead, we prefer hard-hitting statements, key points and phrases that immediately resonate with your audience, making effective use of whitespace.

Our team also makes sure to know how much time is allotted to your presentation, and you should have a pretty good idea about the presentation before you begin. Most typical presentations in academia will be anything between 5 and 15 minutes, with an average of 10 minutes. Knowing the amount of time allotted to a presentation is important because it helps us summarise everything appropriately, knowing which areas to focus more on. A single slide should transition after one minute, and if you have a huge volume to compress into only 10-15 slides with limited wording, preparation is key.

A major mistake that students make when doing their presentations is reading from the slides. Avoid this at all costs. You should internalise your work before you get to the presentation and you should be able to do it without the slides. Therefore, getting a PowerPoint presentation online from us should open up the opportunity for you to focus more on understanding the presentation as opposed to spending too much time creating your own.

A PowerPoint presentation writer from us will help to bring out the most salient features of the work you are trying to present. They will make sure to use the right font size, testing these appropriately before you get the PPT back. They will also make sure to articulate everything in summary, making adequate use of whitespace to guarantee maximum impact and limit the use of CAPS and punctuation marks.

This Is How to Buy PowerPoint Presentation

There are many companies helping with creating presentations online, so why choose our writing service?

  • Quality: We focus on a three-tiered approach to creating powerful slides; the actual summary writing, creating innovative design templates and cutting-edge web graphics and editing the slides to make sure they have no grammatical or logical mistakes, and the transitions are seamless. This gives our work a touch of unique class and quality you’ll not find anywhere else.
  • Only professionals work with us, be it our writers or graphic designers. Our writers are proficient in different fields, and any assignment is forwarded to the most competent writer. These work hand-in-hand with the designers to make work move faster and create the best quality.
  • Affordability: Our service won’t cost you an arm and a leg as some others may. Our cost depends on the complexity of the presentation and the desired graphics. You will always find something for you. You also get discounts and free amendments when you buy PowerPoint presentation from us.

Make use of the years of experience that we have in creating custom presentations and slides for different industries and disciplines. We are in a great position to tell you what works and what doesn’t. We have an easy order process to get you get started. Just fill out our online order form and upload your instructions and our QAD team will pick it up immediately.

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