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Writing A Lab Report: Why It Is Essential

All technical courses or disciplines that require experiential and laboratory research make use of the lab report as a means to articulate the hypotheses or test questions and procedures, deriving the results, analysis and recommendations from the same. If you are a high school or college student in courses encompassing Biology, Physics or Chemistry and their more complex derivatives in college such as electro-mechanics, hydro-informatics and a galaxy of other specialist courses in engineering, tech and the sciences, you will need to do lab reports rather frequently. A lab report aids research-based studies, and in many cases, it may be demanded of the student as part of a research paper, a dissertation, a thesis or a case study.

Lab report structure writing is usually very consistent across most of these disciplines, and in most cases, the outline usually follows a typical format.  Your lab report should very simply explain what the aims of the experiment were, what hypothesis you were testing, the results of that experiment and your analysis of the same and how they compare to your postulations.

Students often struggle with lab report writing. The rigid format and the fact that some results may not at all tally with what students were expecting makes these documents a bore to most. The technical rigidities and some of the language used to communicate information, say in the instructions may also be intimidating to some, especially if they aren’t particularly inclined to the course in which the experiment is a subset. The main purpose of any experiment is data collection and interpretation of that data and testing concept validity. While you may collect data, what to do with it and how to present and interpret it is a completely different issue. More often than not, there will be specific questions to be answered that derive from that data. Your professor may ask you to answer specific questions based on the derived results vis-à-vis the hypotheses and the known scientific postulations surrounding the experiment that you are doing.

The experiment or one of its derivatives will most likely have already been conducted previously. You may, therefore, go into an experiment with a preconceived notion of what results to expect, but there might always be a twist. Getting results from the internet if your own don’t line up is never a good idea. Our lab report writing service is experienced in doing experiments in all the major sciences and technical disciplines.

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What Factors Should You Consider When Writing Your Report?

A lab report is usually very methodical and follows a strict format. Ideally, your report should have a title page, a title, an introduction, materials, methods, results and data, the discussion and analysis and the conclusions plus graphs, tables or figures in that order. There are additional questions that you may be required to answer after completing the report.

You need to understand why you have specific reagents, why the experiment is to be carried out in a certain way and why certain materials were used. Again, lab experiments usually follow a standard lab manual, but for the purpose of testing your comprehension of certain theories or concepts, your professor may set the experiment deviant to what you were expecting. Thus, you may end up copying results and therefore fail because you missed something. Remember that if you get the data wrong, your analysis and conclusions will subsequently be wrong. That’s why it is important to get an expert to help you out to understand the experiment, and how to present the report properly through professional lab report structure writing.

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Objectives of the Lab Report Introduction

Within a single paragraph preferably, state the hypothesis, the background to the experiment, the postulations and anticipated results. Mention the importance of the method(s) that you have selected. You can also mention a strong or well-known theory that supports the hypothesis or the postulations. The introduction gives the reader the full idea of what you are doing and what they should expect.

Describe Your Materials and Methods

In this section, you will list all the instruments and the reagents that you plan to use in the experiment. You will then proceed to list step-by-step instructions of how you carried out the experiment. These may be provided to you by your supervisor, or you may be required to fill in your blanks if you have already been introduced to this experiment before, or if it is a testable experiment. It should be clear, succinct and should communicate the experiment to anyone even a layman.

Enumerate Clearly Your Data and Results

Depending on the experiment, there are different data sets you may be required to present. It may be numerical data such as weights, volumes and other quantities. It may also be colour changes, substrate and condensate and a variety of other data that you may be required to collect. You need to observe any changes during the experiment keenly, and most students miss the mark during this observation phase.

Provide a Clear Discussion and Analysis

Relate the data to the postulation through calculations and other formulae. Your interpretation of the data is important and shows your comprehension of the concepts being tested.

Your Lab Report Conclusion Writing Should Sum Everything Up

Provide a succinct way forward from your interpretation and what this meant from the initial postulation in a single paragraph.

Writing Lab Report Abstract Should Be a Preliminary Highlight

If required, this document about 80-200 words should give a synopsis of the entire experiment without giving away facts and figures. It should serve as an ‘appetiser’ for what’s coming and should be written in the normal stylistic rather than abbreviated fashion.

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